Spent my Sunday afternoon with this gal, Athena @trencher_la (at Trencher)

My Sunday afternoon with this gal Athena @trencher_la (at Trencher)

Yes… A pigeon flew on my head. #hollywoodnights

#Repost from @johnnymet - I was a stand in for @thomtomrowen ‘s photo shoot… Do you think that would stop my jack in the box addiction? Heck no.

@thomtomrowen headshots with @johnnymet #merica ? (at Santa Monica Beach and Pier, Santa Monica, California)

Photo by Norman Rockwell @taylorjcrowell (at Shatto 39 Lanes)

After Hours (1985): You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here…



It starts out innocently enough. Paul (Griffin Dunne) sits alone at a coffee shop reading Tropic of Cancer when he meets Marcy, a fellow Miller fan (played perfectly by Rosanna Arquette). “I love that book” she says with a half smile and recites a few lines from memory. A little small talk, and somehow, even with Paul’s lack of game he gets her number. After returning to his apartment, Paul breaks one of the cardinal rules of dating: Wait to call. Yet the call is only the beginning of a looonng (and entertaining) night of missteps and strange coincidences.

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Made it to pioneertown

Will millandia (at I-10 Freeway)

Is it this real life? (at I-10 Freeway)